Welcome to Senthur Power

Senthur Power Services is a Three years old organization providing Consultancy and Engineering services to Power Industry, Process Industry, including Sugar, Co-Generation and Chemical Industries. Ours is a limited company with more than 25 field engineers and 50 contract workmen continuously working at various power plants, process plant. We are gradually developing our service network in 10 countries around the globe.

We are specialized with Testing and Commissioning Steam Turbine Generators up to 150 and EBOP(Electrical balance of plant) up to 220KV Switch yard system spread across India, we are ready to offer our services for such kind of works.


World Power

Our specialist services cover every aspect of operation and maintenance, from construction and commissioning to eventual decommissioning of all medium sized power plants.

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We provide world class engineering Support, with the industries highest level of skilled engineers with experience in engineering construction and startup operations and continues through commercial operations.


We combine international experience with local understanding to provide innovative solutions that Enhance performance and profitability of any power generations unit.

We have a great depth of operations and Know ledge and practical experience as power plant operators with an average combined experience of more than 15 years. The experience means we not provide theoretical solutions to plant issues, but also the actual implementation services you need ,to transform expert advice into tangible benefits.


We are experts in Steam Turbines & EBOP Testing and Commissioning up to 150MW, including Switch yard up to 220KV system study and fault level calculations.

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