Power Plant Design and
Piping & Instrumentation

  • Areas of Operation
  • Captive power plant
  • Cogeneration plant
  • Steam generator design and engineering
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Mini Hydro electric power plants
  • Solar Thermal & Solar PV power plants
  • Sugar plant consultancy
  • Distillery Plants
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment plants
  • Process piping
  • Equipment design
  • Detailed engineering of electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, civil & structures
  • Procurement & site supervision
  • Third party inspection services
  • Energy Audit
  • Engineering software development

Senthur Power capabilities in Plant Design and Piping

Senthur Power provides engineering services for piping basic design and detailed engineering.

Senthur Power also undertakes developing the basic design provided by customers for power plant and chemical and petro-chemical projects.

SENTHUR POWER provides the following basic and detailed engineering services for piping and plant design:
Mechanical system engineering and preparation of P & I Diagrams for power and chemical and petro-chemical project piping system.
Sizing of critical and non-critical piping including pressure drop calculations.
Preparation of piping schedule, valve schedule, instrument schedule and insulation schedule
Sizing and selection of pumps, control valve, safety valve, steam traps etc.
Preparation of overall plot plan and unit plot plan.
Preparation of equipment layout plan and elevation.
Preparation of piping layout.
Preparation of BOM for the piping systems
Piping stress analysis and code calculations.
Pipe support and restraint selection
Piping support engineering and preparation of pipe support detailed arrangement drawings with bill of material
Preparation of isometric drawings with BOM.
Inspection services for piping system components.
Preparation of tender specification for piping system erection and commissioning.
Supervision of piping system erection and commissioning.
Providing assistance for floating the piping system and providing services for alignment of the piping with rotating equipment
Trouble shooting of piping system problems.

Senthur Power provides detailed technical specifications for the procurement of valves, control valves, safety valves, expansion bellows, steam trap, strainers, spring hangers, pipes & pipe fittings and other specialties.

We also have a separate team for testing of switchyard equipments and commissioning support

Senthur Power has designed and engineered piping for a variety of fluids like steam, condensate, oil, compressed air, acids, thermal fluid, chemicals, organic compounds, fuel gases, carbon-di-oxide, nitrogen, alkalis’, pesticides, flammable liquids, etc.

Our Engineers have handled cryogenic piping system in their earlier assignments.

Senthur Power has engineered piping of different material like carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, Nickel Monel, Inconel, lined piping, PVC piping, HDPE piping, jacketed piping, etc.

We have the capability to engineer underground piping system including fire fighting system piping. We also provide site services for supervision of erection and commissioning of the piping system.